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If this is correct, she was an otherwise unrecorded daughter by his first wife (name not known), assuming that Prince Mieszko's marriage to Dobroslawa of Bohemia is correctly dated to 965.

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It is probable that her second marriage was arranged in accordance with the Magyar tradition that the oldest male relative should marry the widow of a deceased relative (originally polygamously) and take care of his children. In 965, Prince Mieszko formed an alliance with Boleslav I Duke of Bohemia, confirmed by his marriage to the latter's daughter, the new queen influencing her husband's baptism at Easter 966 and being instrumental in the start of Poland's conversion to Christianity.

The dispute was mediated in Quedlinburg in 973 by Emperor Otto.

The Annales Kamenzenses record that "Mescorex Polanorum" married "Danbrovcam filiam ducis Boemie" in 965Her marriage was arranged to confirm the alliance between her father and her prospective husband.

After her arrival in Poland, she converted Prince Mieszko to Christianity and was instrumental in the conversion of the whole country in 966The name of Toves father, "Mistiuis", on the Runic stone bears some similarity to Mstivoj.

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