10 things girls wish guys knew dating

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It only means she’s still evaluating you as a dating potential.The playing hard to get part of the dating game isn’t a game at all. A guy gets attracted to a girl immediately, but it takes a while for a girl to fall for the guy’s charm.It’ll upset her, because she’ll assume you’re more fascinated by the other girl.If a cold shoulder comes your way after that, don’t assume that your girlfriend is too complicated to understand.[Read: 12 giveaway signs that a girl definitely likes you] Just because men and women are different in the head doesn’t make women complicated confusions.It is pretty frustrating though, when a guy just doesn’t take the effort to understand a girl better.[Read: Chivalry is dead because men are lazy] #7 Cuddling and spooning. So instead of behaving like a stereotypical male who pretends like he hates shopping, join us now and then.

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And don’t forget anniversaries and birthdays, that just hurts a lot more than you think. We take a lot of effort to look our best for the special guys in our life, even if it takes an hour a day to look perfect.Women are more compassionate by nature and are more forgiving.Guys, on the other hand, are more aggressive and violent, and hold on to grudges for a lot longer.She’s not interested in you, and you boring through her brain with your x-ray vision won’t change her mind.[Read: 1o subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work] #2 Staring at other girls.

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